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Leto is a simple and beautiful book management app that helps you to easily keep track of the books you are currently reading, would like to read or already have.

Add rich descriptions to your books

When you add a new book, Leto allows you to specify a wide variety of details for a better description of the book. The available parameters range from the title and author of the work, to the genre, the original language of the text, whether it is written in verse or prose, identifiers such as ISBN and Thema codes, and even its dimensions and weight. It will not be necessary for you to include all that information at first, but you will have it at your disposal if you wish.

Organize your books in smart collections

Leto allows you to create smart book collections based on a wide variety of parameters, so that you can have your books grouped according to the criteria that you consider the most appropriate. Specifically, you can keep your library organized by creating collections based on author, language, read-status, publisher, genre, and so on.

Keep track of the books you are reading and its current page

Each book you add to Leto has a read-status, which can be: “To Read”, “Reading”, “Finished” or “Left Unfinished”. Leto automatically creates different book collections based on their status so that you can have them well organized. In addition, you can keep track of your reading progress by indicating the current page of the books in question.

Seamlessly sync your library across devices

With Leto, you can keep all your books stored in iCloud and synced seamlessly across all of your iOS devices so you can access your library from your, iPhone and iPad.